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    Turnkey Project

    Supply excellent equipment, perfect service and power turnkey service ability, Sevenstars has helped the clients achieve the efficient operation of equipment. Till now, it has cooperated closely and won-won hand in hand with the enterprises of more than 150 countries and regions in the world.

    Quality guarantee

    We give customer quality guarantee with 12 months after installation, and we promise that our machine is new, and adopt high quality materials. The quality, specification, function can meet customer request.

    Installation service

    Sevenstars consistently pursue its goal to provide the customers with professional service. So when machine reached the customer’s workshop. Sevenstars will send 1-2 skilled engineers to customer factory for installation, it will around 15-20 days. Also will train customer worker, until they can manipulate this equipment.

    After-sales support

    When customer request it, Sevenstars will provided customers with spare parts and later technical guidance in time to help customers to solve the emergent production problem and guarantee the customer’s business development.


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